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The Core....what that really means.

You are going to hear the term "The Core" throughout your health and fitness participation.  "Tighten your Core", "Pull in your Core", "Engage your Core", "Strengthen your Core".  Well, if that's the case, it might be a good idea to first learn what "The Core" is. 

The "Core" is often thought of as the abdominal muscles.  Those more educated would say it's the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles, however this still comes up short.  What about the hip muscles?  And the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder, aren't they "Core" muscles?  Turns out there are many answers to "What is The Core?".

Hips, Abs, and Lower Back...that's MY best answer.  And I also work my deep/core rotator cuff muscles. 

The abs get the most attention in this group of "core" muscles.  There are 4 abdominal muscles running in a bunch of different directions. When in strong shape, they play a big part in proper alignment of your trunk and the relationship between your pelvis and rib cage.  Don't worry about those words if you don't get it.  Listening to my rap, it will settle in eventually.

The Hip muscles are what move your leg in the hip socket, which is part of your pelvis.  Your legs go up to hook into your pelvis at the hip socket and your spine goes down and hooks to your pelvis. This bony structure looks a little like a bowl, we call it the Pelvis.  Got it.  The pelvis has a lot to do with the core.

If your pelvis moves, your spine moves, especially in the lower back area.  Please read that last sentence again. Twist it right, twist it left, tilt it left, tilt it right, rotate it around and tilt it up and down, whatever you do with your pelvis causes movement in your lower back.  That is a true statement, now and forever!

Your lower back muscles connect the back of your pelvis to the back of your rib cage.  Two big main muscles and a bunch of little ones make this happen.  Most people experience tightness and stiffness in their lower back muscles.  I say stretch and strengthen these trouble makers.

So, that's what poeple should mean when they say "The Core".  Why should we strengthen the core? How do we strengthen the core?  What about stretching the core muscle?  Stay tuned, that's for a different story. For now, if you can learn and understand the above, bravo!!





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