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Lean Teen is an interactive community of young people, learning how to achieve better health and fitness, while enjoying awesome activites, competitions, and a supportive community.

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 Who we are: Lean Teen, Inc. is an  innovative industry-leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness organization run by a dynamic, upbeat team of experts who, through the implementation of our programs, inspire teenagers to set goals, develop commitment and accountability, and build a positive self-image.


 What we do: Enrollment begins with the Lean Teen Challenge, a 12-week program that introduces teenagers to the fundamentals and framework needed for a lifelong fitness, nutrition, and wellness program. Whether new to fitness, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between, this 7-day-per-week program has an infinite number of exciting wellness activities for every teen.


 Why we do it: Given the documented rise in inactivity and obesity rates, especially amongst our teenagers, it is a crucial time to get teens involved in a health and fitness program they will become passionate about. Entering a critical period in their life, when teens are given the opportunity to make more and more decisions on their own—where and what to eat, when, where and how to exercise—Lean Teen will empower teenagers to make healthy choices in mind, body, and spirit.  Beyond teaching healthy fitness and nutrition practices, the Lean Teen Challenge instills a sense of self-confidence and pride in our teens that has the ability to transcend them well beyond their participation in our programs—building responsible, motivated, and fit individuals who will continue on their wellness plan for years to come.