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Lean Teen is an interactive community of young people, learning how to achieve better health and fitness, while enjoying awesome activites, competitions, and a supportive community.

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Our Mission Our Mission


Provide teens with the tools, understanding, and resources necessary to make sound fitness and nutritional choices, empowering them to lead an active lifestyle full of health and happiness.

Who We Are

Lean Teen, Inc. is an innovative industry-leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness organization run by a dynamic, upbeat team of experts who, through the implementation of our programs, inspire teenagers to set goals, develop commitment and accountability, and build a positive self-image.

What We Do

Enrollment begins with the Lean Teen Challenge, a 12-week program that introduces teenagers to the fundamentals and framework needed for a lifelong fitness, nutrition, and wellness program. Whether new to fitness, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between, this 7-day-per-week program has an endless number of exciting wellness activities for every teen.  Graduation from our introductory program, The Lean Teen Challenge, prepares teens for our vast selection of fitness, nutrition and wellness practices to explore with knowledge and confidence.  Our interactive website,, provides endless resources, classes, and adventutes for teens to learn, play and enjoy.