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Lean Teen is an interactive community of young people, learning how to achieve better health and fitness, while enjoying awesome activites, competitions, and a supportive community.

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Lean Teen has created a variety of programs to get teens up and moving and making healthier eating decisions.

The Lean Teen Challenge

Our feature program introduces teens to the fundamentals and framework needed for a lifelong fitness, nutrition and wellness program. The Lean Teen Challenge is the beginning of a journey that lasts a lifetime. The skills learned here are the foundation on which teens will build their individual wellness programs.


The Lean Teen Sports Performance Lab

Proper sports conditioning and Smart Nutrition are essential  to the developing athlete. Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists evaluate our athletes current fitness, nutrition and sports performance practices and then develop an individualized plan to maximize conditioning and performance. Our athletes will develop exercise programs tailored to their particular sport. A Smart Eating plan will be created to educate and nurish our athletes.


Team Sports: Practices Clinics & Camps

Our Team Sports program is very active.  Weekly practices keep our athletes improving and developing new skills.  Clinics over school breaks and Summer Camps immerse the player in game fundamentals, performance and strategy.        

Basketball * Baseball * Dodgeball * Football * Golf * Softball * Soccer * Tennis * Volleyball

Individual and group training sessions teach our athletes all aspects of the game.  Our Coaches have many years of experience in their particular field. All sports programs empasize a comprehensive fitness program combined with a smart eating plan.  All of our athletes are eligible to participate in our sports leagues.


Hiking Adventures

Join Lean Teen on our series of hiking adventures designed to teach teens valuable outdoor skills to ensure a fun and safe adventure. This series of weekly hiking adventures, progressively more challenging, will improve your outdoor skills, enhance your awareness and appreciation of nature, and boost your confidence to explore new places and meet new challenges.

Biking Adventures

Our series of weekly biking adventures teach teens maintenance, safety, and riding skills...keeping them rolling down the road. From bike path to trail, teens will gain the confidence they need to push them through the finish line. Our hydration and nutrition breaks along the trail help us to understand the importance of healthy snacking during exercise.

Beach Front Boot Camps

Our half-day beach boot camps will provide teens with encouragement and support while pursuing activities specifically designed to promote health and fitness. Teens will make new friends while mastering new skills. Stretching, calisthenics, coordination drills, team sports, and FUN will all be incorporated into this motivating teen Challenge. Our beach picnic will keep teens nourished and hydrated during this half-day of fitness, fun and adventure.